There are several good reasons to invest in a portable water filter and almost as many products that claim to do the job. However, each has its pros and cons, which could make choosing very complicated. Fortunately, a berkey water filter not only offers the simplest solution, it is also adaptable. One filter can be used to purify everyday home drinking water and serve in emergencies, even without power.

Why Invest in a Portable Water Purifier?

Health conscious shoppers often buy portable filtering systems in order to guarantee the healthiest drinking water. They may take this step to remove additional contaminants as well as a chlorine taste and smell. Many also buy portable filters as survival gear. They can then bring them along on camping trips and store units in case municipal supplies are compromised. Shoppers who want the best of both worlds choose products like the Berkey Big Water Filter. It has enough capacity to provide a steady stream of clean, delicious drinking water and is portable enough to use as survival gear.

Gravity Fed Systems Are Reliable

There are actually several types of home systems that can purify home water, but the most popular are simple gravity fed units. In comparing options, buyers need to consider that chemical systems only filter solid contaminants. Evaporation products create steam, so they need power and that is not ideal in survival situations. Ultraviolet filters work but do not convert well in emergencies because the lights can burns out and some units need electricity. Gravity fed units have no moving parts and need no outside power, making them perfect in any situation. Water simply flows through them and emerges clean and clear.

A Gravity Fed Filter Removes Contaminants

Clients who want to guarantee the healthiest water often invest in gravity fed filters. A quality product can filter out 99% of most contaminants, including iron, arsenic, mercury, fluoride, pathogenic bacteria, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

Customers who want the healthiest drinking water often invest in quality, portable purifiers. The best models can provide a steady supply of drinking water, work flawlessly without power and remove virtually all contaminants.