Coffee drinkers are often told to drink tea instead because of the health benefits. Substituting some coffee for tea is recommended to cut down on caffeine, but many types of tea contain caffeine. There is also decaffeinated coffee available, if that is an issue. Tea does have many health benefits of which coffee drinkers do not take advantage. That does depend on the type of tea consumed. Green tea, for example, does contain caffeine.

It also has high concentrations of nutrients and antioxidants. Before processed foods, genetically modified crops, and fast food drive though windows, most people get enough nutrients and antioxidants in their daily diet. That is simply not the case anymore. Vitamins and minerals are in short supply as well, even in fresh fruits and vegetables, so any methods of naturally getting more nutrients should be considered. Replacing a few cups of coffee with healthy tea each day can help people feel better, have more energy, and get better nutrition into their diets. Teas are available in so many types and flavors that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Organic teas provide the most health benefits because they have not been processed. Herbal teas taste great, and contain no caffeine, and there are blooming teas that look beautiful when steeped in water. Many people find those types especially nice because they can be relaxing as well as great tasting. They also make a stunning presentation for company when made in a glass teapot. Blooming teas are typically found in specialty tea shops, as opposed to grocery store shelves.

They are also available online at affordable pricing. People can go to for an example of a blooming tea product.Blooming tea is available in seven flavors, including cheery, raspberry, and black currant. Each bloom can be steeped as many as five times each, with the flavor becoming less intense with every steeping. It is the perfect excuse to sit back, relax, and watch the flower bloom as the tea becomes flavorful. Teas are also available in other forms, such as tea bags, tea leaves, and powder. Any type of tea can be enjoyed hot, or cold, depending on the preferences of the drinker.