There are regular blenders that can be found in just about every home. They are available at the local department store, are adequate for most blending tasks, and do not cost a lot of money. Most will break up ice cubes, blend sauces, and mix a few cocktails on occasion. Blenders made for the average kitchen have a few speeds, fit perfectly under the cabinets, and will last at least five years. They will not have the power to completely blend frozen fruits or vegetables for soups or smoothies, so some cutting may be involved first.

There are some blenders designed with a bit more power and speed to accommodate making smoothies at home. Most are smaller than regular blenders and cost a bit more, but people who wish to make healthy drinks with fresh vegetables, or frozen fruits, find expense worth it. High-end blenders from top manufacturers, that have restaurant quality capability, are typically out of financial reach for average families. One way to place a high-quality blender on the kitchen counter is to purchase a certified reconditioned vitamix blender from the official website. At full price, this line of blenders is expensive. People can save significant amounts of money when the opportunity arises to get on reconditioned while supplies last.

Certified reconditioned means the blenders have passed all Vita-Mix factory quality assurance requirements. Models look the same as brand new ones and come with a full five-year warranty. Blades that were damaged have been replaced, and those that were not damaged have been sterilized and sharpened. The pitcher, tamper, and lid components are always replaced before a unit is resold. Blenders also include a bonus gift, such as a free cookbook or an audio CD, depending on the model of blender purchased.

There are eight different blenders from which to choose. Those in the S-Series are created to hold individual serving sizes and are compact. The C-Series line is a regular sized blender that is suitable for families. The G-Series is a full sized elite version that is a bit bigger than a typical regular sized blender. It may not fit in the space between the counter and the cabinets so be sure to check the dimensions before purchasing that particular model.