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5 Step Change Attic House So Room

The attic room is often only used for a limited storage facilities, or even not used at all. Whereas the attic space can be utilized more than that.

You can even process the attic into a bedroom that is ideal for occupancy. But to build a room in the attic area required careful planning. Moreover, this area is where the hot air circulation.
Here are five important things you should consider before making a room in the attic.

1. Change the Ceiling to Floor

Make room on the roof means you have to change the ceiling into a floor. It’s certainly not easy. The first step, you have to dismantle the ceiling first, then replace it with a cast floor or no.

The goal is that the attic become stronger to be occupied furnishings and bearktivitas. We recommend using lightweight materials floor coverings to reduce the burden, such as wood or vinyl flooring.

2. Roof Construction

Note the roof construction. Roof material and slope can affect the comfort of the room. Make sure roof RUAG sufficient distance to your current position stand so you stay comfortable while on the move in the attic.

Safe limit slope of the roof that is 50 percent or 84 inches. This size is the standard size for the position of standing in the attic. Ideal for ceiling height of no less than 2 – 2.4 meters.

We recommend using a wooden frame or concrete for horses both these materials range from 3-4 meters. Better than mild steel frame construction which has a distance of 1-1.5 meters meeting.

3. Air Circulation

Eve of air in the attic area is certainly more heat compared to other parts of the room in the house because of exposure to direct sunlight.

As a workaround, you can use an insulator underneath a layer of tiles, such as aluminum foil, glass wool or polyurethane to reduce heat absorption. Add a window for air circulation. You can also install air conditioning.

4. Lighting

For the arrangement of light, you can add a skylight / dormer windows. The size of skylight you can define yourself as needed. For not too hot and blinding you could put a skylight in the darkest side of the room.

5. Access Attic

Do not forget access to the attic. Moreover, if the room is made for your child. Note the wide side of the stairs so as not difficult for children to move.

Note also the position put the ladder. Not to make the house look cramped and disrupt the flow of activities in the basement.

Furniture Fit in

The attic room is usually not too big, because it was to fill the space using furniture that is built in, so that the design fit with the room. Choose a multifunctional furniture as well as a storage box.

Some houses do not have an attic to be converted into a bedroom, but a few houses and new apartments are now designing the interior with a ceiling height of over 4 meters, so it can be transformed into a mezzanine space.

Plan Your Trip to Serifos

Plan your trip to Serifos

You are about to hop a boat from Athens straight to Serifos but do you really know the island yet? Are you done writing your itineraries? How much clothes you should bring with you? How about the amount of money you should take?

If it’s your first time travelling to the island here are a few hints you can keep in mind: Serifos is a genuine island lying in the Cyclades.

Serifos Island, Cyclades, Greece

It is a beautiful gem that not many travelers have heard of. If you want to be reconnected with nature or you want a solo time, visiting the island for a day or two sounds a good plan for you.

Backpacking is recommendable while in Serifos. So, make sure that you pack your important things and don’t bring the unnecessary ones with you. Because walking and hiking are the best ways you can get around the little villages of the island. Your -do-it-yourself- itinerary should include swimming, hiking and trekking, island hopping, tavern search, sailing, fishing, and watching the sunset. About your travel allowance, you really don’t have to bring so much money with you. Serifos is making its baby steps to improve the island’s tourism. That’s the reason why it’s a budget friendly Cyclades destination. When lost or needing directions on how to go to the other neighboring villages of your current location, you can dial 171 in your phone and the police will answer. You can ask them any information about the island for they are partnered with the tourism department of Serifos. Before you lit your cigarette make sure that you are in the right place first. You don’t want to get a fine because you tried to smoke in any restaurants or taverns on the island. Serifos Hotels are not expensive. In fact, they are very affordable for the tourists.

Naias Hotel in Serifos

Most of the Serifos citizens speak English. Try the traditional cuisine. Attend the Assumption Feast in August. The locals of Serifos have not reached the population of 2,000. Yet, you will never feel lonesome here. Just go ahead and try to befriend with any citizens on the island. They are friendly and hospitable anyway. Bring a good pair of walking shoes with you. The kind of shoes that will not make your feet tired even walking and trekking for the whole day. Don’t even think of planning to hike in the afternoon. The weather and the sun are too hot. Wherever you are going, to the highest peak of the villages or not, always bring water with you to cool your body. A party will never be complete if you haven’t took a shot yet of the -ouzo- or the traditional spirit from the island.

Whether you are travelling to Serifos alone or with the love of your life, the island offers more than a paradise. It offers a new start and a happy life. If you are staying for a couple days, at least you are able to experience the bliss of Serifos.

Mystilo Builders An Eye For Detail, A Quest For Quality

Deciding to do some home improvement is a major decision, one you should not take lightly. Along with the inconvenience of the actual construction work and the associated stress that it brings, home improvement almost always involves an important sum of money. When you decide to make major or minor improvements to your home, you need to make sure you get the best value. Value, the quality that is brought to the job, is not just measured in money. It is also how the job is carried out and how you are treated along the way. You need to make sure you get the best value you can.

We excel in the craft of home repair and maintenance. Our skill set includes complete remedies in the repair and replacement of broken windows, gutter repair maintenance and installation, vinyl siding and roofing repair of traditional or exotic roofs. When we do our work, its more than just repairing or replacing broken components. We approach our repair and replacement work with attention to historical detail. For homes with a rich history in the community with owners who are keen on keeping that history alive, our service ensures that repairs maintain integrity with the overall appearance of the home.

Your satisfaction in us rest with our professional character. With all the home improvement companies in the area, settle on the best, not second best. Our workmanship and pride of service shows through in every job we do. Quality is more than just a word to us and we work hard to prove it every time we tackle a project. Our objective is to exceed your expectations in the delivery of our service. Whether your budget is big or small, we make sure your project goes off with out complication and minimal inconvenience.

Let us make a difference in your next home improvement project. Our careful attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry. When we decide to work together to get your project complete, its our intention to give you the TLC you and your home need. Its a big promise, but its one we have been working on since the company was founded. The blend of hospitality, craftsmanship, integrity and attention to detail make us unique in our ability to provide you excellent customer service. Its not just your house, its your home and whoever works with you should know and respect that fact.

Were about more than home improvement, were about service to your family. We know that you could have picked another, and we are pleased that you decided to work with us. Its an opportunity for us to earn your respect in our ability and for us to prove that we are indeed, a premium supplier to the community. When you choose us to complete your home improvement project you need to know that to us, we are not just doing another job. We are making you and your family happier where you live, and we work hard to accomplish just that.

Noren Door Curtains

A Noren, a Japanese door curtain, is great if you want to add a ZEN accent to your home’s interior. Getting one can also be a good idea if you are a Feng Shui fan. According to the ancient rules, the use of door curtains can be a simple way to block harmful energy. It can also be a way out of difficult Feng Shui situations, especially when remodeling is out of question.

There are a variety of unique Japanese door curtain designs available on the market. You need to choose a proper design in order to be able to achieve a certain Feng Shui effect. All sorts of prosperity designs are a popular option among the western people. A popular symbol that appears on a lot of Noren curtains is the Wealth Cat. The Beckoning Cat, as it is often called, is believed to bring good luck to the owners of the property as well as attract customers into a shop. The Wealth Cat symbol comes from Tokyos Gotokuji temple, where a shrine dedicated to it was built centuries ago.

There is an old legend about a priest from this temple and his cat that had the ability to bring good fortune to his owner and the temple. As a feudal lord named Naotaka was passing by the temple, the cat started beckoning him inside. The lord and his people decided to stop there and rest. When a thunderstorm broke, the lord was safe in the temple. In order to express his appreciation, Naotaka started paying tribute to the temple. Today, a picture of the cat with a paw raised in the air can be found in many places and on countless products including Noren door curtains.

Other traditional designs that can often be found on the Japanese Noren include Koi fish, waves, waterfalls, bamboo or dragons. If you are willing to incorporate Noren door curtains into your home’s interior, it would be good to familiarize yourself with the Feng Shui principles. This will allow you to achieve the desired effect in both the visual and spiritual terms.

Nitro Focus NO3 Muscle Building Review – Get Awesome Improve Your Muscle

If you desire to have slim an attracted body and want shed away the extra from body then you can large of number of supplement available online and offline which give assurance of stipulating muscularity to body in very short period of time but among such a huge list how to choose best one? The answer to your question is only Nitro Focus No3 which holds the number one in the market from very long time. This supplement is the revolutionary product which is practically proven on number of men without stipulating any dangers or side effects to them. The supplement helps in boosting the production of nitric oxide in your body which is very essential for muscle to gain mass and strength. This product can provide you hunk like body in a matter of few weeks.

What Nitro Focus No3 Muscle is all about? This revolutionary product contains many special components which works effectively as fat releaser and therefore improves working of muscle cells by transmitting high oxygen to muscles. Enhanced level of nitric oxide provides assurance of proper supply of oxygen and other needed nutrients to fatigue and to make you strong. The supplement is added with amino acids and many other enzymes which are very vital for muscle growth and mass building.

Users, who use Nitro Focus No3 on regular basis, experience these affects: In the initial phase of supplement, tremendous changes will seen in your in muscle growth and body. You can notice the improvement in the stamina and energy. This supplement not only diminish the extra fat of your body and converts into energy and but also enhance your muscularity.

Benefits of Nitro Focus No3–.. ? Some of the important benefits this amazing supplement: Effective in Pumping your muscles significantly which results to increase your confidence level Transmit oxygen and other vital nutrients to the muscles and them stronger and healthy Give definition and shape from your body Burns extra fat from your body Cut recovery time Boosts endurance threshold Increases energy and stamina Helps in repairing of muscles

Why Buy this Supplement? Because this is all natural No side effects You can maximize the growth of muscles Boost up NO production naturally Gain stronger muscles

How does it work? The components in this product will flow incredible energy throughout your body, and keeps you energetic the whole day.

Where to claim this Product? You can visit and log on to official website to claim your share of Nitro Focus No3 muscle by sitting at your home. To know more about us , Visit More

Modern Furniture Gives Touch Of Extra Elegance And Classiness

A homeowner conscious of maintaining his/her home in terms of aesthetic values often try out a variety of ideas from time to time to incorporate extra beauty, style and attraction to the ambiance. In todays time, the line of items that can accessorize the beauty of their home has exceeded the expectations of people. Even then, the idea to get hold of furniture along with its add-on accessories to place at home is something that will perhaps never get out of the trend. However, most homeowners with innovative ideas often hinge on modern furniture for their homes to step up the luxury, finesses and attraction to a next higher level.

Incidentally, in this fashion-oriented world where much weight is given to style, splendor and luxury, suffice it to say people tend to treat even their homes accordingly. Modern furniture by the by comprises every said element profusely to add extra worth to a royal home. Available in multiple styles, designs and patterns, modern furniture is just the ticket to assist you unwind and enjoy great time at home. This type of furnishing is the next generation version in furniture industry today. It is matchlessly beautiful and ritzy in term of appearance and is also made from high quality and fresh materials in impressive ways which give touch of extra classiness and style where it is positioned. The designers of modern furniture have come a long way to discover groundbreaking ways and create furnishings that are unmatched in terms of shapes and designs.

Your question as why modern furniture gains an upper hand on the traditional furniture which was rather heavy and durable sounds good. Its very simple to answer, the traditional furniture is weighty whereas the thematic one is lightweight which give the former the opportunity to fill in for the previous and take the market by storm. Also while traditional furniture requires strict, frequent maintenance, thematic one thankfully needs least maintenance.

Modern furniture, because of the innovative style and jaw-dropping designs, are just the thing that easily fit every room of your home or office. With lots of varieties, styles, colors, patterns, and designs available in thematic one, suffice it to say that you will find furniture set for your living room and bedroom easily. By and large, there is modern furniture that fits the needs of every homeowner and rest assured that it will add extra appeal and finesse to the existing dcor.

Bringing modern furniture sets if bought from furniture stores NY to your home or office can breathe a new life into its setting and enhance its more worth to it such as that your visitors cannot resist themselves from singing the praises of the magnificence and the style that evidentially is a result of the furnishings. Unlike a variety of designs and styles in furniture that have come and gone as a result of their unpleasant looks, uselessness or some other reasons, modern furniture seems to stay forever because of its expediency, effortless handling, and maintenance, ease combined with style and perfection. Its versatility as well as availability in a variety of materials has made all the rage amidst masses with affordability and tradition.

Reduce Your Cockroach Problem

There’s a great chance to eradicate cockroaches when they are already inside your house. The first thing that you can do to start your own cockroach control operation is to cut the supply of their food and water. You need to fix the faucets which are leaking so that the dripping of water will not be employed by these cockroaches. Additionally it is easier to keep your food in closed containers before putting them in the pantry. One example of open invitation to cockroaches would be to leave the food uncovered the entire night.

In spite of all your efforts of roach control, your dirty plates along with other dishes can destabilize it. It is good to always remember to clean the dishes before going to sleep. You can put dirty dishes within the sink with hot lathered water if these dishes are to be left until morning because cockroaches can manoeuvre the water with dishwashing liquid.

The most important thing in controlling cockroaches is maintaining you area clean. The residue of the meal must the morsel ought to be properly cleaned simply because small particles from crumbs can invite cockroaches to remain at your house. Keep in mind areas wherein your family is eating food are crumb-free like the kitchen or dining room.

You will find steps of cockroach control that can be followed to free your house from the infestation. It’s great to get a call to an exterminator to have an arrangement on the monthly cockroach control management. But there are several steps that will work that depend on the amount of invasion.

Boric acid is a method that can control cockroach at once. It’s possible to create small balls or pallets to leave in the places that the cockroaches are once seen, it is through mixing the acid with little quantity of water and flour. The cockroaches will die after consuming the boric acid.

One way of controlling cockroaches in your own home is by cockroach bait. These traps could be hidden in small boxes and containers. The cockroaches will die after trapped inside the bait container. This process is very popular in the later part of 60s and is still popular approach to cockroach control up to now.

One other popular option is the cockroach repellent. They come in a container with pump spray or as an aerosol or atomizer product. These repellent could be sprayed into corners and crannies where cockroaches are expected to collect. The harmful side of this technique is the composition that may poison your pets. It ought to be used properly and kept away from your kids and pets.

It is good to call a county pest control or other professional service on pest control to minimize your cockroach problems if you fail to maintain these cockroaches at bay.

Methods For A Quicker Knee Surgery Recovery

That is a long time to wait. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to speed up your recovery time. Here are 5 methods that you can try to help your knee heal quicker:

Cold Therapy

Keeping your knee on ice will be helpful in reducing the pain. It can also slow the production of pain mediators to the area, slowing the nerve pain signals. You could pull out an ice pack from your freezer, but you need to use one that will give you continuous cycles of cold through a wrap around your knee. You can get this from a physical therapist or other medical professionals.

You may be offered pain medications from your doctor after the surgery, and you should use it as directed by your doctor. Although it can help you cope with the pain while you’re recovering, it can also slow down your progress, especially if you’re too tired or dazed to remember your routine. You should wean yourself as quickly as possible and use cold therapy to reduce the pain as you work to heal.


Cryotherapy is similar to cold therapy, because it uses cold, but cryotherapy uses subzero temperatures. It is commonly used to treat various kinds of tissue damage. One of the common side effects to surgery is swelling. Swelling occurs as blood and other fluids in your body rush to the area to help your body work at healing itself. Cryotherapy can reduce the swelling in your knee while you heal. Your doctor may have a cryogenic chamber therapy to help you get the treatment that you require.

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC)

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) is used with a knee wrap. It helps restore lymphatic flow while stimulating tissue healing. It boosts your connective tissue production, so your body can heal quicker. It can also help reduce your blood pressure to reduce swelling while improving your blood flow. Basically, IPC works to get your body to naturally speed up the recovery time to heal your knee.


You need to rest your body. Take the time to get plenty of good sleep, so your body can work to heal and repair itself. When you’re resting, your body can focus more energy into repairing itself. You should be walking around and getting your exercise as recommended by your doctor, but try to take it easy and relax as much as possible.

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist has the training and experience to help you recover from your surgery. Choose someone who has experience with knee surgery, so he or she can offer you exercises and stretches that you can do with your knee to strengthen your leg and help you recover as quickly as possible. You need to follow through and do your exercises in between sessions to make sure that you’re getting the most from your physical therapy.

You should work on your plan for knee surgery recovery in Riverview, MI, with your doctor. He or she can work with you to determine the best treatment methods to help you work through the side effects and symptoms that you experience. Your doctor can also refer you to a physical therapist or recovery center that can help you get where you need and want to be.

Mica Panel Heaters vs Oil Filled Radiators

Mica panel heaters, also know as micathermic heaters, share many of the heating benefits of oil filled radiators. Both are 1,500 watt radiant heaters and rely on convection (rising heat) to distribute their heat. These qualities allow for noise free operation – a genuine benefit for some individuals. Although you’ll see the occasional comment regarding the creaking and clanking of an oil filled radiator as it heats up, this should be but a short lived irritation to those who are driven to distraction by the relentless whir associated with a fan forced heater. And, since there is no fan to incite a dust cloud of allergens, these radiant convection heaters are of benefit to those afflicted with asthma or other sorts of respiratory issues. Next, let’s look at some of differences between mica panel and radiator heaters. The typical radiator heater, at 27 pounds, weighs around twice as much as a mica heater. Casters notwithstanding, a radiator could be awkward for some to relocate from room to room when using it for zone heating. And if the room where you need it is cramped for space you could end up with an unwanted conversation piece in the middle of the room. On the other hand, the slim line profile of a mica panel heater is unobtrusive and lends itself nicely to tight spots or crowded areas. Some brands of heaters can even be installed on the wall. One of the main complaints customers have with radiant convection heaters is the length of time they need to heat a room. But this is where the marvel of mica comes in to play. The exceptional heat transfer qualities of mica, long employed by heavy industry, allow it to immediately radiate warmth into the room – even without a fan. So it’s either that, or wait for 5 quarts of oil to heat up.

Take a look at the only 5 star rated micathermic heater at Small Space Heater Reviews.

Outdoor Fabric Durability And Beauty

Outdoor fabric has been revolutionized into a type can be had in an assortment of colors, styles, and prints, but in previous years these fabric are exist only in a small number of materials, frequently solid color vinyl. The good news for home designers and home improvement professionals is that, these outdoor fabrics are with designer quality on good selection of solid and textured colors and woven synthetic fibers, and these have features of satin and outlined and prints of astonishing assortment. Furthermore, these companies don’t contain themselves in providing outdoor patio furniture fabric but also give the completed furniture for customer satisfaction. And one of the best examples of these companies is Link Design Solutions.

Made to withstand the rigors of outdoor life, these fabrics are durable and resistant to water, mold, dirt and mildew; however, with the exception of high-end woven acrylics, most fabrics have a slightly stiff feel.

Vinyl For outdoor use, vinyl fabric must have a proper expanded backing for outdoor use. Textured vinyl fabrics can even have the feel and touch of leather and the look of animal skins. Marine grade vinyl is resistant to salt water, freezing, stains, mildew, fungus, and fading. Besides as boat upholstery, its uses include automotive and indoor applications.

Acrylic and Polyester fabrics Acrylic and Polyester fabrics are the most reasonably priced outdoor fabric. As well as, it is also most decorative selection for an outdoor fabric. Numerous fantastic collection of colors and interlacing outlines can be found for woven, yarn dyed acrylic (also known as polyester fabrics). They are durable and resistant to wrinkling, dwindling, vanishing of colors, and yeast. Therefore, lots of home designers and firm make use of it as support cloths for printed model.

The Print Patterns fabrics It is resistant for fading and outside rudiments, are just some of the features of Polyester or acrylic base cloths which also comes in screen printed forms. Adding up, some also are applied with water repellant. Printed acrylic outdoor fabric is can be of service for many years since it is UV resistant without noticeable vanishing of color, but the polyester prints are that resistant but with ample care, it can serve for many years.

Solution Dyed Acrylic Most woven synthetic fabrics begin as a colorless fiber surface dyed after formation. With solution-dyed acrylic, addition of the pigment to the liquid acrylic solution before fiber formation means the fiber never exists without color. Woven into a yarn, already permeated with color, the resulting fabric remains colorfast after sun exposure, normal wear, and abrasion. Even the proper use of bleach for removal of stains and mildew will not affect the color; moreover, the fabric is softer, more comfortable, and more breathable providing a perfect combination for your outdoor patio furniture fabric.

Vinyl Coated Synthetic Fibers Commonly referred to as “slingable” fabric, this is the only fabric choice for sling type outdoor chair fabric. Because the sling chair must support the weight of the occupant, a strong, non-stretchable fabric is imperative. Without PVC coating, fabrics of acrylic or polyester fiber will not meet this criteria.

Olefin Outdoor Fabric Dyed and woven polyolefin fabric maintains its strength in wet or dry conditions and is perfect for outdoor upholstery, outdoor umbrellas, and cabanas.

Link Design, and other companies, offer a diversity of patterns and colors allowing for many different styles and moods of dcor from a classic American country house to an ultra modern Moroccan terrace or anything between. The bright flowers, leaves, paisleys, and geometric shapes applied to solution-dyed acrylic create a striking look for any choice of outdoor patio furniture fabric.

You have to take care of it so that you will be catered by the good service of these outdoor fabrics. You just have to rethink about the fact that these fabrics are water repellant, not waterproof. You can also do some spot clean on dirt regularly to maintain good appearance .Also take note that it is not advisable to apply bleach on acrylic and polyester printed fabrics.

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